Thursday, July 01, 2010

happy canada day!

It's been a busy month of June. I didn't even realize I didn't get to post even once within those 30 days! Anyway, first things first. I've been working on these two engagement photobooks to be used as guestbooks for our clients' upcoming weddings. You can view them by clicking on the pictures.
I love this picture of Sean and Rael. There's something very summer-y (sp? haha) about it.
This book is for Therese and Alex. I hope they enjoy it as much as we had putting it together!
June is anniversary month. We had originally planned to stay home and not do anything extravagant since we're both so busy with work but thank God for West Jet, we had a really memorable time in....
It was sooooo beautiful there!
This is Horseshoe Bay Beach and the closest to where we stayed at. This stretch of beach was phenomenal. Love, love, love the pink sand!
Can you see how happy I am?!

We fell in love with the beautiful rock formations.
....and the colourful architecture

....and the mopeds
...and the clear blue waters!
It was a very short trip but for what it's worth, it was the most memorable one of all. We love Bermuda and would definitely go back there again!
Happy Canada Day!

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!