Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sneak Peek!

A wedding done, and a baby shoot! I've been off for almost 11 days, but they were busy nevertheless. We had a wedding shoot last week and managed to go away for a short holiday/camping with friends and a really cute baby shoot I can't wait to share with all of you. For now, here's a sneak peek of Krystal and Cliff's wedding last Friday =)
and here's some instagramized photos from our super fun camping weekend in Tobermory =)


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sneak Peek: Daniela and Anthony Lifestyle Session

We had an idea to shoot a maternity session outdoors for a change and it was amazing to see what we eventually came up with. Isn't Daniela the cutest pregnant lady you've ever seen??? Love the turnout of this shoot.
 We shot these photos last weekend (after being kicked out of Adamson Estate haha, I have a funny story to share with you all later. Moral lesson: make sure you obtain a park permit!) and so far this is my favourite of them all. Port Credit is not to shabby either. In fact, it was one of our favourite parks for photo shoots for its picturesque qualities. Daniela looked even prettier up close =)
 What a sweet moment!
 So amazed at these two for being so willing to do what we've asked even if it meant lying down on the boardwalk! It was worth it though, wasn't it? =)
More pictures to come! Thanks, Anthony and Daniela. Can't wait to meet your little munchkin!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

so much for a change....

So I went to work yesterday, checked how this "new look" would apply on an old browser and was mortified to find none of the changes I have spent hours working on were visible. Not only that the gadgets were finicky, they were also missing. I also realized, that "pink loves chocolate" has been linked to so many sites as reblogged by other bloggers (as well as through previous posts I have uploaded through social networking sites which would make all those connections now dead, or broken without changing every single one of them). In short, it would have been as if I moved and forgot to leave a forwarding address. 

I've been dying for a change I guess, and have been getting frustrated with the limits of this blog which made me feel that it wasn't meeting what I want to achieve as a blogger. At the same time, I was torn about starting anew, learning a new blogging interface, and leaving all the wonderful things I have done over the years through this blog. Anyway, so much for sentimentality because I have decided to revert to the classic look of my blog. And also, revert to my old name, although I won't be here for long. 

I still want the do-over. So in the next few days, I'll be hunting new blog sites and will eventually move there. But this time I will give much notice. 

So thanks. For now, I'm here to stay. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

New Look! (and name!)

Testing our new looks for the blog as per Blogger's new dynamic look templates. Love that our readers will get to choose how to view our blog with the click of a tab from the header bar. Try it. It's pretty cool =) Although, I gotta be honest and say it's gonna take me awhile to get used to the new look and the fact that a few of my gadgets are not visible with this template. Let me know if it bothers you too much and I just might revert back to our original look. Or better yet, get a new blog somewhere else....

ideas, ideas, IDEAS!

Hope you all went out to celebrate the beauty of your mothers today. I wanna share with you a photo of my mom =) 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wedding Trend: Pinwheel Madness for Weddings!

Pinwheels are so easy to make and yet make a huge impact when added to your wedding details! Love all these creative ideas!
Beautiful pinwheel themed engagement session!

Featured Blog: August Empress

I have a new favourite blog. Found August Empress through How About Orange and really fell in love with her watercolour designs and illustrations. She also has tons of freebies available for download at her site. Check out some of the cool stuff from her blog. 

 Love this heart tree!

All images from August Empress. No copyright infringement intended. Please don't use without owner's permission.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

More teasers! Melissa & Andy

There are so many beautiful pictures from this set! Here are some of our favourites. The University of Toronto campus couldn't have been a more perfect location for this shoot. 

 Not only did the weather cooperated with us, but the sun was beautiful to capture Melissa and Andy's sweet moments.
We had originally planned a school themed shoot and I couldn't be happier we could squeeze in my cute prop. Love this!

 This is one of my favourite shots. What a beautiful moment!

 Candid shots are the best! What a beautiful smile, Andy! :)

Thanks, Melissa and Andy! We had a great time shooting!

Sneak Peek! Melissa + Andy

 Meet Melissa and Andy. Can't get over how photogenic these two are! And Andy is "supposedly" nervous for this shoot. I don't buy it. He's a natural, don't you think?? We're still working on a few more edits but I got so excited with the turnout, I had to share with you guys. =)
Andy and Melissa met in high school and you can see from the way they were together how well they knew each other and how comfortable they were with each other. We fell in love with their story and loved how they argued who tried to pick up who first. Sounds familiar, eh, Mr. Pearls? Love Melissa's smile in this picture and those shoes! What a fashionista!
More to come soon!

Monday, May 07, 2012

meet Jalen

 Don't you just wanna eat him up??? Love Jalen's expression in the next pictures. Very "Dre-like" hahaha =)
 Dre and Jalen having a moment...
 and finally, some mommy time!

 Just like daddy!
 What a beautiful family!
 Happy mommy and baby!
 Soooooo cute!!!
Again, thanks Latoya and Dre for letting us take pictures of your beautiful family!

Latoya Maternity Shoot

Doing maternity shoots was something new for us this year and we were so happy we got to do a few of them early in the year. Latoya and Dre are such a fun couple and it was so amazing to be a part of this significant event in their lives. In the next few days, we'll be posting pictures of their little one who couldn't wait to be out and show the world what it really means to have fun. For now, here are our favourites out of their set.
 Love Dre's smile here. So genuine and full of love :)
 What a beautiful couple!

Thanks again, Latoya and Dre! I hope you know how much we appreciate you both :)

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!