Friday, July 31, 2009

sean + rael

We found this picturesque spot by accident, trying to find a dry place to shoot during a rainy weekend.
Sean and Rael are both so easy going, it was so easy taking these shots.
I love the playfulness of this shot.

Who knew green could be so charming?
A's ring shot.
More pictures.

early morning random shots

We don't take advantage much of living in a beautiful city so one (really!) early morning, A and I strolled along Ashbridges Bay and took some shots.
My favorite shot!

I had to get close enough to the bees to get these shots.

jen + vu

I can't begin to tell you how much I love weddings. People thought I was losing my mind when I told them I enjoyed every aspect of planning my wedding, even more so, that I love being involved in planning other people's weddings. I feel lucky to be a part of creating a beautiful day for a couple who has nothing but pure love for each other. I have worked with Jen since the planning phase of their wedding and it's so amazing to see everything come together. I love how she was so involved in every intrinsic detail and she had great ideas of how she wanted her wedding to turn out. In the end, Jen and Vu's wedding was a blast! Here are some pictures from the couple's Cinderella themed enchanted wedding.
I just had to post the dessert first. Apple flavoured sorbet. Yum!
Their wedding was a fusion of Filipino and Chinese Culture. I didn't get the name of this popular dance troupe but they did an excellent job entertaining the guests with this rendition of "Singkil"
A Chinese dance group with well wishes for the bride and groom. A was so excited he got to use his light tricks with these shots. The costumes were so colourful, it was fun trying to play with this picture.
This is the same place where we had our wedding a year ago except it's a different part of its castle-like exterior. I'm still so amazed by how beautiful it looks inside. I love the chandeliers, the Chiavarri chairs and of course, Jen's towering centerpieces added much flair.
We did all the stationery pieces for Jen's wedding including this menu card.
Fog machines do create such dreamy effects. Jen looks beautiful in this shot.
A picture of Jen and Vu entering the main dining room as husband and wife.
A picture at cocktail hour

Jen & Vu strike a pose while entertaining their guests.
Cinderella themed escort cards.
This is my favourite of the detail shots! I think this is when I realized I'm in love with a Canon lens.
Customized lighting do pay off. I love the reflections it created with the crystal chandeliers.
The pink and brown theme was well reflected in all aspects of the wedding including the chocolate satin table covers and pink napkins.
Look! Our engagement pictures doubling as table numbers!
Jen's bouquet and pillow cake to match her Cinderella theme.
Another shot.

Jen's wedding was a blast from the past, seeing familiar people from highschool which felt like a million years ago now.
* All pictures taken by A.Perlas.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

jen & vu

A really loves these shots because he got to use his new contraption to create these vintage inspired images.
We practically had to get close enough to the pavement to get this boarwalk shot.
This picture was actually taken coloured but came out so much better in black and white.
Experimenting with brick wall shots.

cookies and cream cheesecakes

I love Martha's new cupcake book! The book is filled with many inspiring ideas and recipes. The pictures above are just some of the samples of her awesome cupcake recipes.
Here's my version of cookies and cream cupcakes - straight from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book. Each cupcake has an Oreo cookie bottom with chopped cookies mixed in the filling. They were mmm mmmm good!
These pictures of course did not do them justice!

Monday, July 13, 2009

random updates =)

More onesie cookies for a baby shower. I definitely could not send them out without taking at least one picture. These took me two days to finish.
I love that I can customize fondant colours now. These Thomas Train cupcakes are definitely an improvement from the last time I made them.
I was asked to do an Asian themed Going Away cupcakes for a co-worker who's moving back to HongKong.

The marshmallows are supposed to be clouds!
Here's all of them!

I'm working on an invitation project for a dear friend who's daughter is turning one. Here is sample Number One

And Number Two. (Her name really is Angel!)
I've been so behind with editing pictures. Here's one from a photoshoot we did last weekend.

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!