Saturday, July 19, 2008

lost memories

I've recently lost all the contents of my ever-so-trusty laptop that suddenly decided it was time to dissipate and die. I bought it in August 2007 which meant that every single file, every single picture and maybe more of other things I have uploaded from the past, all gone.

You'd say, I should have known better, after all, technology is not always infinite and 100% reliable. The sad part is, just a couple of days ago before its demise, we had bought an external hard drive to help it carry its load and yet, the tragedy happened before we could even think about transferring its contents.

I guess worse things could have happened. Worse tragedies I can't even imagine being at and yet I can't help but feel sad. I know we will always be making new memories, that there will always be new things I can get excited about, new projects and ventures. But I feel like the memories that are lost are just as irreplaceable and irrecoverable as the demise of my hard drive.

Anyone who has pictures of us since August of 2007, your donations to our lost memories are more than welcome.

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