Saturday, December 27, 2008


Yup, I've decided to go dark. I just want a change and I'm just not web savvy enough to actually create my own template. Anyway, I think it looks okay...for now. I might just retort to my original familiar looking blog.

Anyway, it's been a crazy holiday season and all I could think about is the final exam to do for an online course I'm taking. Bummer, huh? Another crazy thing that has presented itself this season: a person I might possibly know using my credit card online possibly on eBay for the last two months. I just stumbled on this one day after realizing that the credit card company still didn't send me a statement after three times of calling them and updating my address. Anyway, I finally got a hold of someone who helped me log on to their online billing system and alas! I apparently have made "paypal" purchases over the last two months costing as much as $712!

Paypal scares me. I hardly ever buy anything online except for once and a while purchases at Indigo and Sephora and I may have used a few ordering paper and envelopes for the wedding. Other than that, I'm very wary of using my credit card online. This particular credit card though is the one credit card I have never used online. In fact, I hardly ever use it because it is attached to a particular department store (which meant it had an incredibly high interest rate) and I only ever use it when I shop there to get points. Anyway, a few months back, I created a paypal account with the intention of selling on etsy. I never attached any account on it though because I'm too lazy to actually figure out how it works and plus, I haven't been able to create enough stuff to actually open a store. Which again, brings me back to the question....WHO COULD BE POSSIBLY USING MY CREDIT CARD???

The only place I could think of where I leave my belongings unattended is at work. I bring a huge bag to work and we have this unreasonably tiny lockers that has hardly enough space to fit my shoes let alone my bag, and so most of the time, I leave my bag on the floor, too lazy and trusting to fetch my tiny wallet and lock it in my locker (what is the purpose of the locker then, you might ask?!) I know, I know. I sort of brought it on myself for being lazy and stupid. But I just didn't think anyone from work would ever do anything so filthy and dishonest.

I have this thing and I guess I always choose to believe that no matter what, people are essentially good. It sounds sooo naive, I know. I mean I know fraudulent acts happen all the time but these things happen to people but not to me. Yeah yeah, talk about feeling invincible. The thing is, I should know better next time. And I hope it clears up because it would be such a drag if I have to pay for $700 worth of stuff I never even bought or used.

Where is your holiday spirit?


kate said...

Sorry to hear that, Jans!
They'll figure out your purchase history and all that, no worries.
It'll be a lot of going back and forth but I'm sure it'll be sorted out.

How was Niagara?

jan said...

I hope so!

Niagara was hilarious! will talk more when I see you...

by the way, I still have your gift =)

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!