Thursday, September 24, 2009

september updates =)

Okay, I guess this is my attempt to speed update, as we've been incredibly busy the last few weeks. Believe it or not, these pictures were edited just this week, even though they've been collecting dust in my computer since the beginning of the month. I'm uploading all these pictures even if it means I'll be referring you to my facebook page for there will be more pictures to edit after our much anticipated Western Caribbean cruise next week. Here are some pictures of our labour day weekend getaway with the Abats.
Rory enjoying the water by the wave pool
The Abats
A's money shots. Haha
More pictures here
I was so excited planning for Angel's birthday because of this candy buffet! I just hoped I could have taken a better picture before the kids disturbed the glorious arrangement haha. They were sneaking out candy even before I finished putting it all together!
Love the jellyworms!

Here are the kids!
And our sleepy Angel
Her Kuya Adrian helping her blow the candle
More pictures here
Final engagement shots for Judith and Randy before their wedding this weekend.
More pictures here
I'm posting more pictures of Beng and Beejay's wedding. It was soooo much fun even though we both were so stressed out that day =)
This is probably my most favorite shot
And this. Haha.
More pictures here
I also finished laying out their 160 pages wedding book. I'm ordering it through Blurb whose services I've used for our own wedding book. Here's the link showing a 15-page preview of Beejay and Mary Anne's wedding. Friends and families can order the book through this link as well.

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