Monday, February 01, 2010

woah! it's been too long since you've been gone...

I know, I know...I owe you all a couple of food updates! I've been busy with editing/snowboarding weekend/engagement shoots the last few days. We really need to wrap things up nicely before our next vacation (Yes, another one! Didn't I tell you before, I have the travel bug! It's been almost three months since the last, so we're overdue hehe). We had a great weekend with friends, even though I didn't really get to snowboard. We ended up cooking and baking instead (which was a bust, by the way! Poor unfortunte souls had to eat our half-baked white chocolate brownies!). And because I am already so behind with editing, I didn't actually bother to take any fun photos, but A did =) The picture is by my darling husband, edited by yours truly. Love, love, love ski lifts and sunshine! Maybe next time, I'll go just so I can go 'round and round the lift.

I have more editing to squeeze into my work days + invitation projects that I'm really excited about. It will be a busy (and hopefully quick!) two weeks before cruisin'....

By the way, I'm not sure I did this yummy dish any justice. This may not be the picadillo you grew up with because I wanted to make it more soup-y haha! It was gooood though! Just ask A =)

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