Thursday, July 21, 2011

you've got a friend =)

I still hear the voice in my head and I can't help but think, no one has ever called me that in my adult life. Maybe I was harsh, but I still didn't think I deserved that. I guess it's for my own self-preservation that I prefer to think whatever mistakes we've made could simply be cast aside and forgotten. And as I wallow in thought, my best friend, knowing me, posted this on my Facebook page and reminded me of that one particular day in the past shared in the bathroom of a KFC in a rest stop between Toronto and Montreal. I can't remember what we were chatting about then, but I remember the funny dancing in the bathroom. I couldn't help but think, when I'm old and gray, and cannot remember to put on my own teeth, I wish my best friend would still be there to remind me of these great memories. 

Love you, bru

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