Wednesday, September 21, 2011

lulu and don

Alas! There's a reason for madness! It's been three days of no internet connection because of bulls*t service from Bell. Though, I don't want to get into it, since they've already wasted three days of our lives hehe. I should be charging them for all the extra data I had to use on my mobile, just to stay connected. Oh well. I guess we'll be shopping around for a new internet connection soon. And I mean, as soon as I upload these pictures =) Without further ado....our favourites from Lulu and Don's wedding. We really enjoyed covering this wedding for there were so many personal and creative details that Lulu and Don worked hard to put together that made their wedding so unique. Enjoy!

The groomsmen wore red ties, colorful argyle socks, jeans and matching chucks! Love it!
The ladies were so beautiful in their style-your-own dresses.
We happen to pass by this music store by Streetsville. It was perfect for this day.
Believe it or not, but this was shot in the middle of light industrial buildings. Pretty cool to find a nice patch of green!
The entourage enjoying the attention.
The cupcakes and cake designed and created by the bride's talented sister, Jousela. Amazing job!
And finally, we had some fun playing with sparklers for the send-off.

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