Thursday, July 05, 2012

hello, birthday month!

 Wow! No entry since June 1st! We had such a busy month. From photo shoots to celebrating our 4th year our momentous return to the beautiful city of Chicago.

[a] My ceremonial anniversary card for Mr. Pearls [b] our wedding picture 4 years go last june 8 [c] our very first picture together. we still look the same, don't we? hehe [d] found a love quote i really loved :)
"the bean" at the Millenium Park in Chicago
...and this, my friends is how you take a self-portrait. hahaha!
Beautiful Chicago landmarks!
We celebrated one of our closest friends engagement! Love these two!!
Congratulations, Meng and K!
We've been having so much fun doing family shoots over the last few weeks. Here are some of our favourites. 
Love this picture of Alex and Benjamin!

Tamara and her beautiful kids. Love it!
 And of course, finishing up engagement shoots with fun light tricks like this one. I looked like a crazy person running around with a flashlight, but what the heck. hehe.
or still water pictures with a lovely couple like these two...

So, how's your summer so far?? I hope you're all enjoying the super hot weather and drinking lots! Updates soon.


Sasha Sabochan said...

lovely pictures! few questions, hope u dont mind: 1) last pix -->where is this waterfalls? 2)for the engagement photo --> did u do the decor? 3) self-portrait --> love ur lips! what lipstick brand/color did u put on? 4) not a question - belated happy birthday!

jan said...

Hi Sasha,

Thank you for your comments =)
The engagement session was taken at Belfountain Conservation Park in Belfountain, Ontario. It's beautiful there!

[2] for the engagement photo, yes we did the decor. We like doing themed shoots

[3]lots of people ask about this lipstick colour! it's Rimmel's 340 Lily Extase

[4]Thanks :)

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!