Thursday, May 16, 2013

Blogger App 😊

Hello, blogger friends! 

Long time no anything! I just realized Blogger has launched a mobile app which would allow me to do more frequent postings since I'm always on my phone and on the go. It's been a crazy two months since my last post and I wish there was a way to somehow summarize everything that went on but I guess here's a short recap!

Instagram was such a fun way to keep track of my pregnancy updates and I keep thinking how much easier it will be to put everything together at the end of all this. 

Photography wise, we've done a few shoots here and there which we've obviously has not had a chance to post. Pregnancy has kept me so preoccupied (and the fact that posting on Blogger was not the easiest or most convenient). Anyway, I'm hoping this change to mobile blogging will keep us more likely to update ☺ 

Happy long weekend, y'all! 

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