Thursday, October 31, 2013

I wanna be a crafty mommy!

It's been such a crazy ten weeks since Arianne was born. We even managed to squeeze in four weddings and a bunch of engagements in between. The last month and a half has been a blur of trying to keep up with editing, doing daily chores and taking care of Arianne. If that's not enough, I've challenged myself to take a picture of Arianne everyday so we'll have a compilation of her daily pictures for her 1st birthday. Crazy huh? 

I told myself, how hard could it be? They are phone pictures anyway. I also want to do a photoshoot of her at least once a month using a real camera. Let's see how well we can keep up. Thank you, Canada for a full year maternity leave! I'm certainly enjoying my time off with my beautiful baby. 
Even with all these photo projects, I still feel like I'm not doing enough. I'd love to be like one of those moms who do all sorts of crafty stuff for their kids. Instagram is such an inspiring avenue of super creative and talented individuals I'd like to emulate. I just wish I actually have the time and energy to do some of what these amazing individuals inspire me to do. 

I'd like to take some time introducing you to some of these awesome people I'm following on Instagram or on the web.

Samantha Lee is a Malaysia-based mother of two who became popular through her amazing edible food art. She started making these creative plates as a way to get her daughter to eat independently following the arrival of her new baby. 

If you want to see more of her work, follow her on Instagram--@leesamantha or visit her website

Next to Adele Enersen, I am greatly inspired by the creativity of this mother of three. Queenie Liao is a freelance artist based in California whose compilation of over 100 creative photos of her son Wengenn during his naps has caught the attention of many worldwide. More samples of her work can be found at 

Awesome huh? I'd like to something similar with Arianne but she's such a light sleeper I'm afraid, she'll be too awake before I even finish setting up props and photo supplies. It's such a shame when for me, to be able to cook lunch and dinner in between taking care of Arianne is an achievement! Haha! That's why I get so excited when I get to finish these mini/editing break projects like these crochet baby shoes which I'm sure she outgrew in like a day!

Or these leg warmers I made for her today. 

It's super easy. I'm not a pro knitter at all so being able to so this in less than three hours is great. I even drew myself a little pattern to guide me with the heart for the kneecaps! I will share the pattern with you but my knitting language is very poor and it might be too difficult to follow! Haha!

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. Let's see if I find time to create something brilliant! Everyday is an opportunity to create amazing things! (Or so I'd like to tell myself!) 

Have a good day! 

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