Thursday, September 25, 2008

cake trippin'

Back from our Bahamas trip, A and I were badly craving for cruise-ship-like desserts and so here it goes:

I know! How beautiful is this cake? I can't remember what it's called but it has shaves of white chocolate with chocolate drizzles and layers of white vanilla cake with strawberry and white chocolate icing. Delicious! It's just like one of the layers of our wedding cake. Yes, the one we didn't really get to taste except for that one time we cut through it for pictures. Anyway, apparently one wasn't enough for us so we bought another one!
This one is a chocolate truffle cake and it tastes just as delicious as it sounds. I almost forgot how much I love cake! More yummy pictures!
Can you tell I couldn't wait to cut through it before we could take pictures??
Another thing we were craving for was nachos and dips. I know, I know! Cake and nachos soo do not go together, but what the hey! It's midnight and we needed snacks =) Look, how good it looks!
And the layers, mmmmmm......

Sooooo good! Anyway, enough about food. Thank You cards are calling! So much for trying to eat healthy!

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