Monday, September 08, 2008

the search for the best shake-shack-like-burger

I know, I know. Just a few days ago, I've nothing but good intentions with regards to healthy eating but our recent trip to NYC has awoken something in me....and I don't even eat burgers! Feast your eyes on this: without a doubt, the best burger I've ever had....
the shack stack from shake shack
Believe it or not. People actually line up for this babies. We waited for two hours in line, just to devour this juicy beefy goodness. You can check out the line up here through their live webcam in real time! Cool, huh?
So what's so good about the shack stack?? Let me start with the breaded portobello mushrooms in between the juiciest, crunchiest slab of beef I've ever tasted with just the right combination of cheese, lettuce and tomatoes that can make you forget the amount of calories you've ingested. Magical? I think so!
Anyway, so I've been craving burgers these days (and no! for the nth time, I am not pregnant!! - just in case your wondering, like most people!) and A and I are on a quest to find the best burger place in Toronto. Our first destination---
No particular reason. It just happens that there's one near our place so we decided to check it out. Here is what we ordered: a traditional Jetsuns juicyburger with bacon. Sounds promising, huh?
And it looks good, too! But is it as delicious as it looks? and of course, it is a disappointing NO! You'd think the bacon would be a tasty addition to this already good-looking sort of bun but no, I hardly even tasted the bacon (or the beef for that matter!) The burger itself is so bland, it made the bun feel thicker and overwhelming. Anyway, we rate this baby a 1.75 and that's only because we ordered fries and gravy along with it which made this whole meal acceptable to our picky taste buds.

Our next destination:
Dangerous Dan's Diner (which apparently, holds the title for making the best burgers in Toronto)
I can't wait!

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