Tuesday, February 17, 2009

food trip

Food experiments at the Perlas' home. I guess part of my new year's resolution is to learn to make other things aside from cupcakes and to cook more filipino food. last night's menu: menudo. I can't tell you how much fun I'm having! I also made beef kare kare the other day; unfortunately, we were too excited that we forgot to take pictures. anyway, here are some other new ventures. enjoy!
My mom makes the best menudo I've ever tasted. We come over every weekend looking forward to genuine Filipino home-cooked dishes. I didn't get to see them last weekend because of our impromptu New York trip and I didn't see them this weekend because they're visiting my brother in Delaware. So after grocery shopping for some ingredients, I surprised A with this. It was his favorite too. Thank God it actually tastes like menudo! Not as good as my mom's but still.
Delectable, hmm. I have some bakers semi-sweet chocolate sitting around and since I've always wanted to learn how to work with chocolates, I thought I'd experiment with the easiest recipe I could find. They're amazing!

These were made back in January. I've always been able to make cheesecake but I've never tried the mini version and this was more fun than I anticipated. Perfect for parties, too.
Probably the most popular Filipino dish ever. And of course, no sinigang is complete without patis (fish sauce).
We bought a torch and ramekins just for this.

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