Thursday, February 19, 2009

joei & allan engagement pictures

A & I are doing an experimental project for a friend of ours who are getting married next weekend. Here are some of the photos we've taken of the lovely couple. Congratulations, Joei & Allan! It was very hard to find a good venue especially at winter time but the Port Credit area was amazing no matter what season. We got creative with what we had to work with.
Our hands were freezing from shooting so close to the lake but you can't tell from the touch of sun in this picture.
This is my favourite. I love the swirling branches and the touch of blue sky.
Can you tell we love this pose so much? =) Here's more!


kate said...

sweetness <3
these are awesome A&J!

adrian and jana
allan and joei?


monkeefan66 said...

ahhh... young love.....
what wonderful photographs!
I enjoyed reading your blog!!

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!