Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mango cupcakes and sugar cookies

So I had my first cupcake pops order =). I did say it was going to take a lot for me to try and do these again. It was a lot of fun but took up lots of time to make. I had made individual labels which made these perfect giveaways or addition to your traditional loot bags.
I haven't made cookies in years and even then, I usually make the plain, non-decorated ones like peanut butter cookies or shortbread cookies. I'm experimenting on sugar cookies using cookie cutters. And of course, even after a couple of batches, I still wasn't too happy with the way the dough formed although they didn't come out quite as bad as I thought they would. Excuse the burnt edges though; I am but a humble beginner cookie maker.
The only thing that made me happy about this batch is the "pink loves chocolate" theme.
And finally, another experiment making mango cupcakes. Not so happy with the way it turned out although they tasted amazing and the whipped mango cream topping was delicious. I guess I imagined it to rise a little bit and it didn't for some reason. I have to keep experimenting. The ones with the white icing is actually royal icing I made from scratch which was amazingly easy to work with.
I'm still not happy with these but there's always room for more experiments =)

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