Monday, June 22, 2009

chocolate fudge brownies mmmm....

yey for chocolate fudge brownies with mmm mmm good macademia nuts
I'm exploring new packaging ideas and I'm loving these clear vinyl boxes! So many possibilities!

After a year, I'm thinking of selling my wedding dress. This is the very first thing I bought after being engaged and though it's really hard to let go, it's time in my storage closet has come. Bought for $2200 with the crinoline, I'm still not sure how much I will sell this for. This picture was taken pre-DSLR and with my crappy point and shoot. I will get A to take a better photo, if only I can fit in it once and again! (sigh! the price of being happy and married --- a few good pounds!)
Here is a picture from our wedding. One year ago...

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Toni said...

that is a GORGEOUS wedding gown!! :)

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!