Wednesday, March 03, 2010

back from paradise...part 2

Sint. Maarten/St. Martin

We arrived at the Dutch side St. Maarten and crossed over the the French side, St. Martin to spend time at Orient Beach, the famous clothing-optional beach. The day started out pretty gloomy, lots of rain clouds and a few scattered showers in the morning. The beach was breath-taking nevertheless. Just look.
We played in the water and shortly after the clouds began to clear and the beach showed its beautiful colour.
And even more beautiful blue...
I didn't do much editing on this picture. It's picture-perfect all on its own.

And here we are, three brown girls, relaxing under our make-shift shade.
I did mention this is a clothing-optional beach. Note our little friend in the back. Hehe, how very mature of me =P
On the way back to the ship, this is the view that welcomed us. I have many of these postcard looking pictures, thanks to my hubby.
We were immensely fascinated by this little coconut smoothie place called Coco Express. It was delicious.
In the ship, fancy dinners await us. This is roast lamb if I remember correctly. It was delicious. (haha. word for the day, I guess)
And not too fancy for having fun, I suppose. This is my nephew Jan's creation out of our nightly bread and butter.
And alas, a picture of all of us, with the camera perched on a seat. It didn't occur to us to bring a tripod so A came running (and weirdly ended up in a squatting position haha!). It was a really good day =)

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