Monday, March 15, 2010

my two loves - sugar and paper!

What a busy two months! Lately, I've been feeling sooo bogged down. There's been hardly any time to just stop and think! I guess it's payback since I had such a laid back vacation where I hardly did or thought about work! I'm ending all my sentences in exclamation marks! That alone is a definitive sign of stress! (it's time for another vacation?? haha!) Don't get me wrong though. I am grateful. And after such an eventful vacation, I think I have more appreciation for life than ever before. Anyway....
Since I am waaay behind in vacay photos editing, I am taking a break to update on what I've been doing the last few months. Shall we?

I'm starting backwards 'cause it's easier to remember =P

I was working on these baby shower cupcakes for a dear friend. I had this idea to make chocolate swirls and I since I couldn't do too many things at once, I needed A's help to help me make them. He did an awesome job, didn't he?!
And since he was strangely successful, why stop there? He made these chocolate nests too!
A closer look...
My classic fondant booties with the heart applique on red velvet cupcakes. I thought the flags were brilliant! I never had to answer which one is which!
Here's some of them...
And some more! Props for A for such amazing photos!
In clear boxes! I get sooo excited about packaging!

I was also working on these cookie monster baby shower invites last weekend
And lastly, I am creating these invitation samples for two weddings we're covering in the summer. I think I love the idea of boxed invites now as much as I love pocketfolds. They're so elegant.
I love this pink and green theme!
Love the single flower! The orchid always makes everything more elegant.
With a different flower option in vibrant pink!
We also made Save the Dates for them using the engagement pictures we took. Will post them soon(ish!) haha.
And that's it folks! Lots to do in April with invitation projects, photoshoots and other stuff. Hoping I'd get better at updating as these are almost two months worth!

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