Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wedding trends: non-floral boutonnieres

I love the idea of non-floral boutonnieres. They're much more personal, don't you think? Look at these pretty fabric flowers!

or a really cute guitar boutonniere for your rocker husband...

or lovely buttons like these! click on the link for a DIY step-by-step instructions!

nests and leaves, very cute!

...or pompoms. Click on the link for the DIY

more fabric flowers

....and everything else under the sun! It's much more fun =)


kamama said...

That's so funny, my coordinator in Cebu just put on her facebook fan page (Bliss Unlimited) that she loves paper flower boutonnieres. Thanks for the other ideas, I think I'm going to wrack my brain and see what we could do to go with our Filipinana theme!

Joy said...

OOooh these are so cool...

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!