Monday, June 06, 2011

mom and facebook :)

My mom just joined Facebook and I think just spent the last hour tagging her photos in all our albums. Haha! Gotta love her! Soon enough, she'll be reading my blog (hey, Mom! Thanks for the homemade bread!) Oh yeah, she bought a breadmaker over the weekend and has been on a bread-making frenzy. I guess that's it for store bought breads. I'll be coming over every week for her freshly baked breads!

I miss my mom making me "baon". I loved how she used to wake up early and actually cook us all a nice homecooked meal to bring for lunch. I miss it specially these days when I wake up late (and frazzled!) in the mornings and then have to think about making A his "baon". We used to take turns getting up early to make lunch and A would pack me the funniest combinations of food. I then have to explain why I have a can of Vienna sausages in my lunch bag. Oh, he loved those sausages! A would come home with his lunch half eaten, and I would get upset about the wasted food, just like mom used to be. I guess that's the funny thing about living apart from your parents. You end up realizing just how similar you truly are.

Anyway, it's barbecue season in Toronto and I'm stuck here at work. Hope you all had a good weekend!

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