Monday, February 13, 2012

i love instagram!

I have a new addiction and a brand new love! I'm sure I'm waaay behind since I am not exactly an iPhone user. I do love everything Apple (hence the MacBook Pro, iPad, iTouch, iPod) so I expect it's only a matter of time before I completely switch over. Patiently waiting for the iPhone 5 =) I am in love with this app because it's inspiring me to take a daily photos, and take pictures of interesting things. Of course, some of these are old photos instagramized haha. 

Thanks Mr. Pearls for the early love gift :-)))
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Anonymous said...

do i have to have an instagram account to be able to follow u?

jan said...

hi! yes! i do think you have to have an instagram account to follow me. If you don't have an iPhone (like me) you can use an iPad or iTouch. or, you can follow my twitter account since i post the same pictures there also. my handle: janapearls

thanks =)

Anonymous said...

hi, i saw ur instagram pic entitles "plum" ... i'm assuming it was the lipstick? it actually looks beautiful and the way u applied them on ur lips is perfect :) ... i hope u don't mind if i ask what brand of lipstick that was? cheers :)

Anonymous said...


jan said...

Hi! Thanks! It's Rimmel #340 Lily Extase. I've been looking for this colour actually and it's so hard to get it right since you can't really try it on before buying it :)

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!