Monday, May 07, 2012

Sneak Peek: Krystal + Cliff Engagement

Cherry blossoms came out early in the season and we're so glad we got to shoot soon enough to see them. Krystal and Cliff were such troopers even though it was a little chilly. We loved how they willing and playful they were during this shoot. 
 Krystal and Cliff found us through a common acquaintance and we hit it off right away the first time we met them. We had no doubt in our minds that we'd have an awesome time shooting both of them. Their love and exuberance show in these photos
 We found a picturesque spot in High Park. Love the bridge and the fairyland-like look of this part of the park.
 Who knew that our crazy idea of shooting in the bushes/branches would look so romantic. Gotta give props to Krystal and Cliff for making this look effortless!

 This is probably one of my favourite shots in the batch. It shows just how much fun these two can be just playing around in front of the camera. 
 We got a little closer and were amazed at what we were able to capture. Intimate shots = LOVE!
 The view (and bugs!) were worth it, even if we had to swat our way to the end of the docks! Haha =)
 Love Cliff's expression and Krystal's classy demeanor.
 And lastly, shots at the beautiful Distillery District. You can never go wrong with brick walls and cobblestone pavements.
Thanks Krystal and Cliff for such a fun shoot!

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Thanks August Empress for the cool background!