Tuesday, May 15, 2012

so much for a change....

So I went to work yesterday, checked how this "new look" would apply on an old browser and was mortified to find none of the changes I have spent hours working on were visible. Not only that the gadgets were finicky, they were also missing. I also realized, that "pink loves chocolate" has been linked to so many sites as reblogged by other bloggers (as well as through previous posts I have uploaded through social networking sites which would make all those connections now dead, or broken without changing every single one of them). In short, it would have been as if I moved and forgot to leave a forwarding address. 

I've been dying for a change I guess, and have been getting frustrated with the limits of this blog which made me feel that it wasn't meeting what I want to achieve as a blogger. At the same time, I was torn about starting anew, learning a new blogging interface, and leaving all the wonderful things I have done over the years through this blog. Anyway, so much for sentimentality because I have decided to revert to the classic look of my blog. And also, revert to my old name, although I won't be here for long. 

I still want the do-over. So in the next few days, I'll be hunting new blog sites and will eventually move there. But this time I will give much notice. 

So thanks. For now, I'm here to stay. 

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