Thursday, October 22, 2009

halloween is here!

Just got back from vacation and already I'm experiencing some post-vacation withdrawal! I can't wait to get away again! It maybe time to plan our next Caribbean get-away! Here's a picture of the view from the deck. Love the clouds and blue sky!
Taken from the beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman
Anyway, enough about pondering and longing for vacations. I had to get back to work somehow and with that, back to baking =) I had a really cool halloween order over the weekend. I had fun making these.
Karin was so inspiring with all her Halloween ideas. I also made cupcake pops for her. I love using the orange candy melts! They looked sooo refreshing.
I had to figure out a way to deliver these without jeopardizing the nice curls courtesy of A's newly acquired curling skills. Thank God, I had leftover floral foam and a not so tacky plastic container from Dollarama. Look how pretty! My candy pops bouquet!
Karin also ordered cupcakes and here are some samples of what I made for her.
This tombstone one is my favorite!
I made a mistake with calculations and had so much leftover cupcakes, so here's the rest of them =)

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