Thursday, October 29, 2009

working out

This is my Everest.

It's amazing to think these fine pieces of machinery have been collecting dust next door for the past sixteen months. Of course, I never had to use these before and so it was even harder to even think about including it in my routine. But alas, the blissfulness of aging gracefully, is apparently not so graceful as it is accompanied by extra weight in unfortunate places. The culprit? Some say it's contentment. Some say it's too much love. For me, it's an uncooperative metabolism. Anyway, twenty five minutes on IronMan and twenty minutes of AbSwing is a start.
What's with the obsession with weight, you might ask? I guess I'm starting to feel the heaviness especially going up several staircases and I'd really love to be able to wear my old clothes again. I used to have problems gaining weight and now, it's the opposite (not that I've tried very hard to keep it off). Here I was barely three and a half years ago. Honestly, I think I looked rather anorexic in this photo but I'm posting this to my fridge for inspiration. Just enough to keep me on the threadmill.

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