Tuesday, May 31, 2011

afraid of getting too personal??

I know, I know. All you're waiting for is for me to make the final announcement of the winner of our Cool Disposable Camera Giveaway, and promise I will let you know in about 1 1/2 hours! =) I'm really excited myself. (Is it too obvious? three posts before noon...you guessed it, I'm not at work today. Although technically, editing is calling my name....)

I like to think somewhere out there, someone actually reads our blogs. Just this morning alone, we had 126 views. It's minute compared to say, the population of Toronto alone, but it's encouraging to see that there are people from the UK, Spain, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Denmark, Japan, UAE, Germany and Australia who's visited our blog somehow through a random link, or a Google search. These affirmations encourage me to do more research, find more interesting and inspiring websites. Same reason we like to give away cool stuff for no apparent reason. It's amazing how a simple comment makes my day. So please, don't hesitate. Leave a note, say hi. I might just send you something nice =)

For years, I thought about whether it'll be appropriate to use my personal blog as an avenue to promote our business. Most people would say having a separate blog for our photography business is probably advisable and more professional. And yet, I can't separate myself away from my original personal blog. I think having people know me personally through my more personal posts just enhances the likability of our business. I think it gives more insight on our personality, and therefore gives our client a view of what we would be like working with them. 

Anyway, all I know is it gives me fulfillment and satisfaction however which way I am able to connect to people who read my blog. 

For now, I will attempt to make this origami strawberries with the names of the people who joined our Cool Disposable Camera Contest in them and then I'll be picking (literally) a strawberry and reveal the winner in just a little over an hour. Sooo excited!!


kamama said...

Hey Jan,
I chose my wedding coordinator because I found out she had a personal blog and really enjoyed reading her thoughts on her wedding, and weddings she had done. It showed her attention to detail, her love of the work and also that she'd be just pleasant to deal with. So for everyone that tells you not to be personal and separate your professional life, there will always be someone that can appreciate your human nature.


jan said...

Thanks, Camille. Plus I think putting up another blog is just redundant! Hehe. You're doing really well with your blog and your invites are coming along nicely. Let me know if you need any help. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!