Thursday, January 26, 2012


He tweeted me!!!

I can't tell you how crazy I've been yesterday considering this time last year, I wasn't even on Twitter. I refused to be bullied to sign up just because everybody else was on it. I guess I was sort of a non-conformist. Originally, I thought creating a Twitter account would be a good move in promoting our business and creating a buzz about our love for photography but recently it's turned into a chaotic web of obsessive celebrity hunting.

A laughs at me and says I'm crazy because I have a new-ish crush. It doesn't help that he's a celebrity and a younger guy, but I guess somewhat comparable to any previous Ryan Gosling obsession, I can still say I'm somewhat normal. He is after all, an admirable guy. Quoting Kim C. "not many guys these days are like him". Love that he's an old soul, the epitome of every girl's idea of a romantic guy. So funny how a silly thing like Twitter brings us an inch closer to people we admire. Although what could be more romantic and admirable than A supporting my Xian Lim addiction by helping me find a magazine that featured him on the cover -- now that's true love =)

Share ko na. Kahit wishful thinking. Haha =)

photo courtesy of MINT
: Miss ko na si andy wu : ” 

have a twitterific day!

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