Friday, March 16, 2012

hello hello, would you like to go out with us???

Oh no! Blogger has locked me out of posting new pictures. I never knew there was a limit in storage capacity...oh well, no new pictures at least until I purchase more storage. Is this a sign I should consider moving my blog soon??? Hmmm...Seriously considering it, but I'm such an old soul, I'd probably stay for sentimental reasons.....we'll see!

How are you all doing?? The weather has been so amazing and luckily on my days off, hence the absence. I wish I could tell you I'm out there and taking more photos, but so far, I've only managed to instagram with my iPod. I do want to go out there and take more photos, so we're planning a photo walk this coming April. Anyone want to come with us??? I don't know the details yet as it is still in the planning phase. It could be a nature trip. Or better yet, it might very well be a styled shoot. Thinking of getting models, specifically a good looking couple looking to have their photos done by professional photographers and semi-professional photographers, or just photography loving peeps. We're aiming for April 8th for our first photo date. The date is of course, tentative, just in case things come up, but we'll give enough notice =) Send us a brief intro/note if you want to come with us at 

See you all soon =)

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