Monday, March 05, 2012

how are you??

I wish blogging was as easy as instagramming. I'm a little (a lot) frustrated that mobile blogging won't let me add photos and some days, I don't really have much to say...just pictures to share :) Anyway, today was a running errands kind of day despite the fact that it's crazy -20C feeling outdoors today. Had an awesome time hanging out with my best friend's new baby and taking random outdoor shots with my iPod. If you want to see how my day went in pictures, follow me on Instagram. My handle: janapearls.

Follow at your own risk! I post 4-6 pictures a day which might be annoying haha (at least I recognize my Instagram addiction haha) especially on my days off. I love how it keeps me occupied and I get so amused wih new photo editing filters.

How's your Monday?

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