Friday, March 30, 2012

Chicago bound!

Hello! Still haven't resolved my picture-lessness haha. Attempting to mobile blog while road tripping to the Windy City -- Chicago! Been planning to visit for quite awhile but haven't had the chance until now that an opportunity presented itself. Hitting two birds with one stone :-))....and it's been difficult trying to contain my excitement. I'll give you more details in the coming days. Thank God for technological devices, or I don't think I will survive these long trips. Although, I am easily amused ☺

Next two weeks we'll be starting spring engagement sessions....signs that wedding season will soon be here! I can't wait to go out and shoot more specially cause we'll be seeing cherry blossoms soon! If not for spring allergies, this would have been my favorite season! Anyway,I tried attaching a link to my instagram as I've recently posted some of my favorite pictures from our recent maternity shoot. If you can't see the picture, visit my instagram page.

Happy Friday!

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