Wednesday, August 27, 2008

new york, new york =)

It's been three days since we came back from our impromptu New York trip and I still don't think I'm truly, fully recovered. I think the fact that I have work the rest of the week has something to do with it. And yes, I am one of those who secretly hope there would come a time when I could just go on trips, spend ridiculous amount of money without ever having to work. Hehe. I'm either extremely optimistic, hopeful or just wishful thinking =P

We ventured and walked around Times Square and had our share of this delicious treat from an upscale frozen dessert franchise called Pinkberry. I wonder if we will ever get this in Toronto.
Anyway, back to our home, I have decided a few additions to our "Thank You" cards. I finally got some envelopes and hope to send these babies out by next week's end.
Don't you love the Martha Stewart-inspired bows?? Yay for new projects! =)

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