Thursday, August 14, 2008

wish tree

One of my favourite details at our wedding was the Wish Tree. We searched for a long time to find the perfect tree for people to hang their wishes on and it also took us awhile to decide and create the perfect wish cards to go with it. In the end, we decided on these three types: A regular wish card, a "Predict our Future" card and a "Give us your best advice" card.

I also enjoyed making flower pens for people to use to sign the wish cards.


silk flower
gel pen (or any other pen you prefer)
green floral tape
regular clear tape

1. Cut about two inches of the stem.
2. With clear tape, tape your flower to the bottom edge of your pen.

3. Start winding the green floral tape beginning at the top and pressing hard to secure the tape in place.
4. Continue wrapping the pen with green floral tape at least twice before cutting the floral tape and pinching the edge where the tape ended.

It was really easy to make and we had the most fun reading the responses while on our flight to Florida. It's interesting to read what people had to write when given topics to talk about. Some interesting responses include:


Steph said...

Hi Jan,

I am planning my wedding for 10.10.10. and absolutely LOVE your wish tree!! Did you make the comment cards yourself? If so, I'd love to ask you some questions on how to do so...

thanks so much for the DIY inspiration!

jan said...

Hi Steph,

Yes, I did the wish cards as well. I did three kinds, a regular Wish card, a Predict our Future card and a Give us Your Best Advice card. I used a small hole punch, ribbons and circular brads to hang the wish card on the wish tree. I did all these on Microsoft Word. If you need help with the template, let me know.

For the wish tree, I recommend visiting your local flower shop to see what type of branches appeal to you. I used a faux cherry blossom branch I found from the local home decor store. You can also try manzanita or grapewood branches.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Thanks August Empress for the cool background!