Wednesday, November 18, 2009

food, food and more food =)

What a busy weekend! I had baby shower cupcakes order (pictures below) and still had to do three night shifts in a row! But hey, I survived. Just want to share things I've been doing this week =)
Our lunch: stirfry vegetables with shrimp. Yum!
Turon. Traditionally Filipino spring rolls with banana halves. Look again.
That's right! I used pears =) Cut the pears thinly, sprinkle some sugar and follow the pictures for wrapping instructions =)
This is, of course, deep fried. In medium heat, fry your pear rolls until golden brown.
Tada! They look and taste just like banana turons! No one can tell the difference! Unless of course, you are being particularly picky =P
Try them at home! I'd love to know how yours turned out =)
And last but not the least, the cupcakes of my sleepless weekend =)
Can you tell we were too lazy to take proper pictures?? They're all in cupcake boxes haha. Oh well, there's more to be done this weekend for a birthday party with Toopy and Binoo theme =)

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