Monday, November 23, 2009

toopy and binoo cupcakes

What a crazy weekend! (again!) A friend from work asked if I could take on this endeavour and I thought, hey, I've tried pretty much everything anyone's ever asked me to do so why not? I love fondant modelling but it always make me wish there's more time to do everything else. Here's a picture of my workstation.
To be honest, I'm not sure who Toopy and Binoo were, but I was surprised at how easy I found them online. I guess they must be really popular with kids.
Here's the gang with that creepy looking rag doll thing.
To complete this order, I asked my talented bestfriend to make a matching Toopy and Binoo cake. Here's what she made.
If you like to view her other cakes, here's the link to her facebook page.

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Thanks August Empress for the cool background!