Thursday, December 24, 2009

random acts of kindness...

While getting gas this morning, A found a MasterCard on the ground. We could have just thrown it in the garbage, allow the person to report a missing credit card and get a new one in the mail, but since we couldn't help thinking that some unfortunate individual must be looking for this card especially on a day like today, we went one step further. You can't believe the information you can access through With facebook profiles and pictures, we were able to return the card to the rightful owner. It was an amazing feeling being able to help.

Which reminded me of a segment at The Star's online website on Acts of Kindness. I came across this page one quiet night at work while browsing through random news. It was a very refreshing and uplifting read, it somewhat restored my faith in humanity. A nice bit to read on your free time =)

As the most celebrated season nears, I was swamped with more mini cupcake orders...
This is not exactly healthy but it adds to the holiday menu.
Yes, I used baby bokchoy and carrots for my sinigang. They're about the only two types of vegetables left in my fridge so don't judge me. They were still very much like sinigang =)

Another look at the ribs =)
And lastly, to complete my holiday baking for today, I made some leche flan.

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