Wednesday, December 16, 2009

what's for lunch?

A made his classic stir-fried garlic beef with mushrooms for lunch. Soo yummy! =)
I was determined to make bread today. with yeast. I know! I woke up feeling hopeful that I will be able to pull this off, or at least make something resembling bread. I halfed The Pioneer Woman's recipe for dough to make cinnamon buns and rosemary rolls. Quite a challenge to do in my tiny kitchen but here they are before going in the oven. Goodluck, rolls!
Instead of using her maple frosting, I made the regular cream cheese frosting. They look like cinnamon buns, right? They taste like cinnamon buns too haha. They made me warm and all gooey inside =) <3

And finally, the rosemary bread rolls. I added garlic on my butter just for the heck of it. It reminded me of Jack Astors' garlic bread. It's not as pretty as PW's but they're very good =).

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