Monday, January 03, 2011

happy new year!

The holidays, just like any get together, were eventful and a little crazy. I'm sure you all have pretty similar experiences. Although the events of weeks past made me appreciate even more the importance of living the moment. The significance of now. 

Sometimes, we get to caught up in planning ahead and thinking about how happy we can get (how beautiful the future looks) that we forget about how we feel right at this moment, this second -- which could all be gone before you know it. More than ever, I feel grateful for what I have and don't have. Because the things I don't have, makes me appreciate the things I do have even more.  

I am afraid though, that in time, instead of appreciating, I might learn to forget. And that's why photographs of memories are so significant. I always tell A how we should take more pictures of everyday things, because sometimes, these are the moments that count. These are the moments we'd love to go back to every now and again, just as much as we'd love remembering specific details of our travels here and there. That was the main idea when I started photographing the food I made at home, and all the crafts I do, the successes and the failures. I often wish I was better though, at putting things together, the way I used to before. This is the same reason I still keep the journals of my past. They remind me of those significant moments and milestones. The ones I hold in my heart so dearly. The heartaches I've survived. The scars that made me who I am. 

So in light of reflection, this year, I'd like to take more photos of everyday things. A has an eye for seeing the beauty of things in so many different perspectives and angles. And so, just like everything else, we will be doing this together as well. We'll take more photowalks. We'll plan more picnics. Hopefully we'll capture more moments worth remembering, the good or the bad. 

I'm ending this post with this photograph because it was, and will always be, one of my favorite memories.

Happy New Year. From my family to yours, may you have a prosperous and blissful year. 

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