Friday, January 07, 2011

need coffee!

attempting to randomly blog while waiting for the doctor's office to open (using my mobile phone!) got up really early this morning... hoping to get all my errands done so can finish packing!

Almost halfway done, but there seems to be not enough luggage for all my stuff! by the way, now sitting at second cup, cannot upload picture of my coffee, although it's not that interesting. you might be wondering why I'm talking this way. mobile phone would not let me type "I" on it's own. weird.

Doctor's office open now! See you later!

Update -------

Still waiting! Can't believe how incompetent these people are. Yesterday, tried to call them to see if the results are in and they put me on hold and hung up on me. Nice. Guess not much can be expected from a walk-in clinic.

Hope everything's ok. Can't worry about health when on a trip :p

Hey, there's my coffee! haha, so i can upload a picture after all. and hey, i can type i! it wasn't working before!

p.s. mobile blogging is pretty cool!

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