Wednesday, April 04, 2012

back from Chi-town!

I could have sworn I posted an entry before our Chicago trip but I guess I must have forgotten to publish. Hmmm. Strange and slightly annoying. I am now picture-less and post-less haha. Anyway, I had an awesome time! (Note: I said "I" had an awesome time. I can't speak for Mr. Pearls who was probably annoyed at my crazy fan-girl phase). Again, too bad I can't post pictures and I can't link it either because the web browser at work is so old. I can't even format this post properly. Oh well. I have a few days off in the next little while so hopefully all of these technological issues will get resolved.

As I was saying, I was in awe of Chicago! What a beautiful city. Love the old buildings and beautiful architecture. Love the picturesque parks and quite striking landmarks. Love the rows and rows of flowering trees, cherry blossom and semi-NYC but cleaner feel of the city. It's a shame we were only there for a little bit because I would have loved to stay and take more pictures. I think our rushed/distracted tour of the city did not quite do justice in capturing the beauty of this city. So needless to say, we'll definitely be back. Chicago future bride and grooms, please invite us soon! We would love to visit your beautiful city again!

At the end of it all, I made new friends. How often do you go away and get to meet amazing individuals who are just as dedicated (and slightly crazy haha) as you are? It was truly an amazing experience. I will tell you more about it shortly when I'm not as distracted. Although, for those individuals looking for some M&G pictures, they will be up shortly. Email me at and I will email you the details of how to access the gallery and the very secret gallery password. *wink*

Happy Wednesday, y'all!


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