Friday, April 20, 2012

tips for great engagement sessions

 Engagement season is upon us! It's as if the beginning of spring signals the start of wedding festivities and engagement photo sessions. A lot of brides usually contact us during this time asking how they should prepare for their much awaited engagement session, so here are some suggestions based on our personal experience in photographing these momentous event. Of course, you don't have to follow all of these, but these are merely suggestions to ensure you look your best for one of the most celebrated events leading up to your big day. Here we go....
1. Have your hair and make-up professionally done. This is a great time to do trial make up and hair, and visualize how you would look on your actual wedding day. We always tell our brides and grooms that the engagement session is a great opportunity to create memories that best reflect their personalities. With this in mind, having make up and hair done should not make you look unnatural, but should simply enhance natural beauty.  A good make-up artist will be able to create a look that makes you effortlessly beautiful and not overdone. While you're at it, pay close attention to your nails. Your most prized accessory will be photographed and it's a chance to show off those enviable and lovely hands =)
 2. Don't get caught up in location/props. In other words, keep it simple! While it's important to pick a location that is most memorable to you, or reflects your relationship the most, location is in fact, just a location. The engagement session is a great way to tell a story and the use of props should be meaningful as not to take away from telling your story. Staying in one location also allows us to have enough time to put your story together nicely and cohesively.
 3. What should I wear for my engagement shoot? Coordinating your outfits is key! You don't necessarily have to wear matching outfits to looks great in your engagement session. If she's wearing a plain dress, he can wear a printed shirt. Keep it simple with accessories as well. Don't go overboard. If hiring a stylist is in your budget, then by all means =)
 4. Final advice: Relax and have fun! This reminds me greatly of a FRIENDS episode when Monica and Chandler went to get their engagement session and Chandler couldn't get rid of his nervous smile. We try our best to make you as comfortable as possible and we hope you find this as much fun as we do. We want to be able to show your great personalities through your pictures so having a fun shoot matters to us. 
Thanks Michaella and Paulo for being such a fun couple =)

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