Sunday, April 25, 2010


A month or so from now, A and I will be celebrating our second year anniversary. Two years! Wow, even I still can't believe it's been that long. I do believe I've learned many things ever since we got married. I mean, sure, we went out for three years before that, but that's not the same as actually living together. I still think there are plenty of things I don't know about A but I love how much we've grown together so far. How much more in sync we are.

And of course, ever so often, I get asked why we don't have a baby yet. And worse, I get mistaken for being pregnant. Just the other day at work, I was asked by someone if I'm expecting and I get it, whereelse would my new-ish love for cooking and baking would lead me? I'm sure our we're-still-enjoying-our-time-alone-together line is starting to get old. But that's pretty much what we've done the last two years. Who knows how often we'll get to travel once we have a little one to take care of. Not that I'm saying married people with kids don't get to travel. I'm just saying, from our point of view and our lifestyle, that it won't be easy.

Anyway, if we have a kid, which I'm sure will be in our future one way or another, we'd both really love to have a summer baby. We just think having a birthday party during winter time is too unfortunate. I mean, harsh weather, indoor parties, winter boots and coats do not exactly spell fun but whatever.

After all, there's nothing wrong about planning ahead, right?

Which basically means, the baby factory is closed, at least until further notice.

Possible re-opening from August to December =P

and that's all I have to say about that!

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