Friday, April 23, 2010

heartbreak warfare...

if you want more love,
why don't you say so?
(don't hate. appreciate =P)

....listening to my one true love, JM.

Okay, I know, I know. I've been away long enough, this is starting to feel like another abandoned blog. I feel bad...I really do! And not necessarily because I feel that people actually read my blog, but moreso because I feel I owe it to myself to update once in a while. It feels good to know that when life gets chaotic, there are still some things in place that will remind me of when things are not so..chaotic. And I think maybe the vacation pictures were depressing me a little bit. But I'm over that now =P We've been so busy, there isn't seem to be enough time to be depressed!

Anyway, over the course of the month, I've learned a few new things. Like this one...
I have to credit Ree's Tasty Kitchen for this recipe. Of course, my picture is not as appetizing and Indian looking as her's but wow! I was amazed at how well this recipe turned out. And I couldn't have been more excited about being able to do this from scratch.

We've also been busy with invitation orders that are all due by this months' end. Craziness, I know. I am loving the advantage of a new digital printer and amazed at the beauty and elegance a single tiny rhinestone brings. (Seriously, who gets excited about digital printing? Apparently, me! haha) I have more pictures but I am a little slow in the uploading and editing department as well.

At the end of the day, it's nice to go back to your first love....
And mine would be cake! Specifically, red velvet cake! I made this teeny tiny cake (4 inch!) as a reward for A's efforts to do some household chores but I think I made it more for me rather than for him haha!

The month is ending, and May is fast approaching. I'm looking forward to engagement pictures, cherry blossoms, sunshine and ferry boats that the new season brings!

What are you thankful for this spring season?

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