Wednesday, April 28, 2010

love, love,!

Weeks of listening to Sara's Gravity and JM's Heartbreak Warfare, well, what do you expect? I was depressed as hell! (what does that actually mean?? typical of me =P). Anyway, I'm glad to announce the depressing air has lifted, thank God to Sara's feel good song, Bottle it up. Go ahead. Have a listen.

See...what did I tell you? Do you feel better already? I do! Learning to play this with Taylor has been fun =)
Anyway, here are some things I've been doing the last couple of days...
This is salmon, pan seared in butter and garlic. Didn't I mention before how much we love salmon? But why stop there. I had some tiny scallops I've been meaning to use and what better way to cook it but as a side/saucy type dish thing. Anyway....I made gravy from the juices of the salmon and garlic and butter (add a quarter portion of a chicken cube and add a little bit of flour, stir with a whisk and voila!) and cooked the scallops in it. The result was this =)
Wedding cookies! I couldn't very well stay with one simple design. I tried, I really did. But I get bored of the normal things and decided to add more colours and styles and this is what I got. Can you guess which one I originally wanted them all to be? It's the most similar style =p
And my first time working with fresh boutonnieres. Aren't single cream roses so elegant all on their own??
I'm loving a new font family, I'm sure you can tell =P But no, I haven't abandoned my original font family! This one was called Hannibal. How bizarre?!

It's the three month itch and though, we cannot afford to travel anymore (no more vacation days + $$$) but the best thing about checking out travel websites is----it's free =P No charge for dreaming! haha! I am one obsessed travel planner! But seriously, if there is one place in the world you can go to, where money is no object and you never have to worry about booking time off work, where would you go?
I would go here...
Vienna, Austria
Venice, Italy
Paris, France
Sorry, no photo credits for these amazing pictures. I found them randomly through GOOGLE IMAGES.

Funny, I said one and yet I posted more than that. Again, dreams are free!

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