Sunday, April 04, 2010

Scarborough, Tobago

So behind in posting/editing haha! It's April and I'm still posting February pictures! Anyway, this first picture is actually from our river tubing experience in Grenada which was surprisingly more fun than I gave it credit for =P
Tobago had such picturesque beaches we were in love the moment we left the cab and stepped onto its beautiful shores. I mean, look!
The colourful rock formations along the shoreline immensely complemented the blues and greens of the ocean.
By the way, these beautiful photographs were taken by my darling husband, A.
This picture reminds me so much of the Corona commercial haha.
We also went to the Bucco reef and Nylon pool, also known as the fountain of youth. It's this 3-4 feet deep water somewhat in the middle of the ocean or so it felt like it. We took a glass bottom boat that brought us to this location and we went for a bit of snorkeling. The current was very strong though, so we had to hold on to a rope while snorkeling, which was weird because we practically had to fiddle with the snorkels and mind the rope at all times.
You can't really tell from this picture but we were soooo far away from the shore!
We were told the Royals used to come here because the bottom is lined with decomposed corals used for exfoliating to promote and enhance natural youthful appearance and beauty.

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Great pics, Jana!

Thanks August Empress for the cool background!