Saturday, October 08, 2011

wedding trends: non-floral bouquets

Ever considered getting a non-floral bouquet for your wedding?? Here are some ideas to consider...

A clay-based stephanotis and swarovski bouquet by dkdesignshawaii on Etsy

Why I love this idea: They cost the same as regular bouquets but at least they won't wilt and you can keep them "fresh" for a very long time. This is ideal if you've always wanted to preserve and display your wedding bouquet. Here are some of their designs:

A bouquet made from a collection of doorknobs and drawer pulls from Anthropologie

Looking for something really sweet? A marshmallow and candy bouquet by Haute Floral!
 Or a paper flower bouquet like this....

What about a bouquet made of fabrics, lace and buttons like these....

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