Friday, January 22, 2010

kitchie nadal visits beadgirl in toronto and other stories

I got a call two days ago about an opportunity to meet and photograph Ms. Kitchie Nadal for a promotional visit at BeadGirl, my sister-in-law's store. This is our second time meeting Kitchie since her last visit in Toronto in 2005. You can catch her visit on a video blog posted at her webpage at this link.
Here's a picture of us UStreaming and Kitchie trying to decide which necklace to wear for her Saturday show at The Gateway Centre for new Canadians. View the Facebook invite here.
Kitchie signing an autograph on her Loveletters CD
To view more pictures of Kitchie at BeadGirl, click here.
While waiting for Kitchie, I fell in love with Italian mesh. I had seen a picture of it being used before while browsing for wedding accessories. This is a combination of silver Italian mesh with European crystal beads.
It's so uniquely distinct, and can be pulled apart many different ways for personalization. It'll be a sure hit at your next soiree. It's also very easy to do. For lessons, visit BeadGirl at Yonge and Erskine.
I made kare-kare yesterday. Too bad it doesn't photograph well because it's such a nice and authentically Filipino stew. This particular dish is usually made with oxtail bathed in peanut sauce and atsuete oil and served with a little bit of shrimp paste. It's an acquired taste for most people but I have yet to meet a Pinoy/Pinay who doesn't love kare kare.
I just realized the videoposts below are not playing due to a blogsite glitch. I will be reposting them to my Multiply account soonish. =) (Although, you will also need a Multiply account to view them. Sorry!)

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