Thursday, January 14, 2010

memory box

An apron here, and a few recipes there...and five days flew by really fast. I am on to another set of working days. Did I tell ever tell you I have a pattern of four long shifts and five days off in between? I love my patterned schedule, even though the long shifts are sometimes crazy enough to make me want to quit my day job. Anyway, I had an interesting couple of days with a blast from the past, through a tagging incident at Facebook. A friend had started a juicy gossip and before we know it, I was digging through old pictures and reconnecting with old friends from at least 16 years ago. My, do I feel old! This was us at eleven.
I guess I didn't realize how much I missed old friends from school until today. I had their letters in shoe boxes hidden in storage for so long, though I never once thought of getting rid of them knowing I'd want to come back to them someday and re-read them. The stories made me laugh, and cringe at some point; acted like a time machine that brought me back to the fun and worry-free times we had shared as kids. It made me really miss everyone back home. It would be one hell of a reunion once I get to see these crazy kids (grown-ups now!) again.

Wanna hear me sing?? Click on this link! The music is played by A himself! A cover of Claire Marlow.

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