Sunday, January 03, 2010


I started an album on Facebook called Dinner at the Perlas' with the intention of posting pictures of recipes I've tried since A and I got married. I love the idea of taking pictures of food, and what better way to salivate at food than to learn to make them myself. I wasn't much of a cook before we got married. I used to help my mom in the kitchen a lot and I love to eat so I thought, how difficult could it be? I love experimenting and trying different recipes and I've been having a lot of fun. Along the way, I'm teaching A how to cook as well, which is a yummy bonus. The funny thing is, the title of the album is somewhat off since we haven't had visitors in our home for ages! We cook in this tiny kitchen, using our two-person dinner table as a make-shift kitchen counter and it would be almost close to impossible to have an actual proper seated dinner. But for what it's worth, it's enough for us. Feel free to browse and see what we've been eating. =)

Anyway, lobster tails! I can't say it enough. We found these at the grocery store on a random late night snack stroll. I can't take full credit for these though because they're partly A's idea. (and he did a great job boiling them) Just look!
Thank, God we both love seafood! I used to joke I was born in July for a reason (crabs for cancer, clever huh?). It's actually very simple to prepare. Boil your frozen (or fresh, if you may) lobster/lobster tails in a quart of water with some salt and peeled ginger root. After it's nice and red, prepare your seasoned melted butter with a dash of salt. And pour. Yes, I said pour! Trust me on this. Doesn't butter make everything so much better???
I baked my first cupcake order of the year. Some Thomas the tank engine chocolate and red velvet in regular and mini size. Too bad, I have no pictures to show for it.

Kae, take some lovely pictures for me. I hope Noah's having a great time!

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